Thank you for visiting the Bestwood Village Parish Council website.

Bestwood St. Albans Parish Council ceased to exist on 31st March 2018.

This is the Bestwood Village Parish Council website.

The first meeting  of the new council was held 8th May.  We are updating the website as fast as we can and would value your comments and suggestions to improve it.

Until then you can contact the Acting  clerk, Susan Stack by e-mailing clerk@bestwoodvillagepc.org

Information about meetings is on the ‘Documents’ page.

We say a sad goodbye to Denis Beeston MBE who passed away recently.

“Denis devoted his life to the residents of the village. He was a strong character but very fair and a gentleman. His love of children was foremost in his roll as chair of governors at Hawthorne Primary School. His regular saying was, if he ever won the lottery, this village would want for nothing. Good Old Denbo.”

“Cllr Denis Beeston MBE will be sadly missed by the Parish Council and local residents. His tireless service over many years showed his dedication to the area he loved. All the councillors of Bestwood Village Parish Council send their condolences to his family.”